Sunday, 21 July 2013

Landed: Day 20 11:00 am Hilo Hawaii July 19, 2013

It is hard to describe the feeling of walking on the warf after 20 days at sea. Rubber legs doesn’t do it justice. We were all walking with wide spaced gaits and looked as though we were drunk. It was a very weird feeling and took about 8 hours to clear.

It was great to hug our family that were at the gates. Lynne , Jeni and the kids, Natalie, Boots and Courtney were all excited to see us and to know that we had survived the trip and were safe and sound.

As we think back upon the trip we realize that we went from fear of the sea in the Juan de Fuca Straight to respect of the deep and the dangers and power of open water and finally to becoming one with the movement of the boat and quite at home for the last days of the voyage.

An adventure never to be forgotten.


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