Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 9 - July 8

Last night it was pitch black, as there was no moon out. The winds changed in the middle of the night and we had to get up and adjust the sails as they were crashing around. We don't really need to have anybody up at the helm through the night anymore, as the autopilot is working so great. We do, however, have someone up in the salon just listening for the beeping of the radar. It will beep if we come within 10 miles of any other boat in the water. We can all hear the autopilot running though, all night long! The waves and swells almost knock us out of our bunks at night. It goes in waves of about 10 enormous rolls where you have to almost hold on or you will fall, to 20 seconds of calm. This repeats all night long.

The Fish tacos yesterday were delicious. The tuna is a warm blooded fish, and it was so fresh it was almost like eating chicken. Although we had about half of it left, today we caught another one about the same size! Tonight Brian is preparing fish, chips, and hush puppies! Garrett caught this one again and when the fish bit, the rod practically bent in half. It took about 20-30 minutes to reel him in and when we finally got him on board, it took a whole bunch of us to get him in the net and ready to go.

It was overcast most of the day today and the wind is still right behind us. The winds have slowed down, and are not as strong as they were before. We are sailing at about 4-5 knots, using the mizzen sail out to the side. The water temperature is about 60 degrees, and the air is about 68 degrees but it is cold.

We motored for about 4 hours today, which had us going about 6-7 knots. To fill the water tank, we need to be motoring. This gave us the opportunity to fill right up, and with the desalinator, it is fresh and delicious. This takes all of the salt right out of the water for us.

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  1. The radar alarm goes off when you are within 10 feet of another boat? geez that sounds a little close for comfort!!! I hope you mean 10 miles. That Tuna sounds AWESOME!!! I wish I was on board