Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 20 July 19

 Our last night on the Fury together included supper of chicken tacos on corn tortillas from Texas that made the trip. Garret and Brian prepared a sauce with enchilada sauce, canned chicken, black beans and corn. Rice was in abundance as it has become a staple for the sailors. Ummmmmm good. Comfort food for the crew of the Furry.

Just before supper, Tim hooked into a Mahi Mahi , 3 foot in length, and had a thrill of bringing in the biggest catch yet. Everyone posed for the record and I stood atop the stern bench taking video of the glistening yellow Dorado cutting back and forth in the wake of the Fury. By then we were clipping along at 7+ knots with the mizzen and the Genoa at full sail. We were on a tight jibe for the last two days with the wind off the stern port side at 15 degrees.

Captain Neptune Rick in Action for the pose….

Tim dressed out the catch and used the filet knife while wearing a steel glove to prevent laceration due to the unpredictable motion of the vessel. (I had fully expected to sew someone up on this trip but it wasn't meant to be) It was good for Tim to take it from catch to full prep as he will need to be the fisherman for the next leg of the voyage of the Fury which will go from Hawaii to French Polynesia.

Brooke was always sad when we had to kill a fish.

As the evening approached we sat together on the fore deck beneath the genoa and watched the sunset together. It was one last night to find Jupiter (brightest of the stars) and consider the incredible skills of the ancient mariners and navigators that would determine longitude by tracking the position of the four moons of Jupiter and comparing them to the star charts.

Looking West under the Genoa….

 Most of the living human race has no experience of finding Jupiter let alone finding four moons passing in front of the planet. I have incredible respect of the art of the navigators.

The moon and a jet heading for Hawaii…. oh soooooo close.

to be continued…….

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  1. What a great trip! You remind me of Dave Bickmore's writing as we went on our first Colorado river trip so many years ago! (Now that brings back a memory)