Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Day 11 - July 10

We are about 900 miles off the coast, and just south of the longitude line of San Diego. We have reached our half way mark, and have about 1200 nautical miles to go.

The wind had died down a bit this morning, so we have been motoring at 7.5 knots for most of the day. We can see about 15 miles in each direction. We can see storms on the horizon in several different places. We enjoy watching the sun set right into the ocean. We have been able to be out on the deck today to relax and lounge in lawn chairs, which is nice.

The water has been more calm and a lot warmer. The air temperature is about 80 degrees, and getting warmer as we head further west.

Brooke has been having a hard time sleeping at night as her mattress falls off the bunk each night. The wood railing that keeps the mattresses on is not on her bed. So today she brought out a hammock and set it up in the Salon to had a great nap.

Rick, Brooke, and Tim have been practising setting and changing the sails with just the 3 of them. the next leg of the journey, after Hawaii, is to Tahiti and they will be a 3 man crew. They are getting very well acquainted with everything!

Garrett has been reading Treasure island, and is deep into the book!

Brian has been cooking up a storm and made home made french fries and soup for dinner tonight.

Occasionally we have been seeing some buoys out in the water indicating some deep sea fishing lines. That is quite the fisherman to come out this far to catch fish. We also come across trash floating in the ocean. We passed a bottle (with no message in side!), and a plastic laundry basket today.

Watch for another update in the morning for the excitement from last night!

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