Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day 17 - July 16

Well we are running with the wind and holding our own. We turned on the engine for about an hour and a half today to recharge the batteries. We have been under sail all day going about 4.5 knots. The winds are 15-25 knots, waves are 6-8 feet. We have been enjoying Hawaii temperatures of 86 degrees with a light breeze. 

Last night, the wind stopped completed and the water was still for about an hour. Then a storm came up and the winds started back up. 

We enjoyed the delicious mahi mahi last night grilled and served with rice. Tim hooked another large fish today that got away. Brian has been motion sick all day. Rick spent the day painting the deck and it looks great. 

We have seen tons of flying fish through out the day. They usually run when they are being chased, so we assume a large fish is after them! 

We are about 300 miles off the coast of Hawaii, and if all goes as planned should arrive in hilo bay Friday night, and coming to land Saturday morning. 

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