Friday, 19 July 2013

Day 19 - July 18

We are 100 miles off the coast. We absolutely have to arrive by tomorrow at 1pm, or we will be sitting on the boat until Monday. Immigration/customs can only meet us earlier on Friday. So, we have 24 hours to go 100 miles. 

We put up the genoa sail when the winds started up again. Garrett was on the spritzer, and Rick had hold of the sheets. When we are on deck, it is essential that you are tethered to the boat with a life line. As the genoa went up, it filled with such force that it pulled Rick right off the ground,  ripping his lifeline off. Luckily he was holding onto the halyards, and didn't go over. 

We have seen tons of flying fish today, although we have not been able to catch anything else! 

We are all very anxious and excited to step on land. 

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