Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 10 - July 9

We are almost to the half way point of the journey. We are about 600 miles west of Santa Barbara. 

It has been completely cloudy all day with no sun shinning through. 

We motored all night because there were a few squalls. A squall is "a line of active thunderstorms, either continuous or with breaks, including contiguous precipitation areas resulting from the existence of thunderstorms." We were going about 6-7 knots. We motored so we wouldn't have to worry about adjusting the sails through the night.  

Last night, the fish and chips with coleslaw and dill sauce were absolutely amazing. We only used about half of the fish and we put the rest in our cooler that is being kept cold with ice blocks.

The only way to describe the motion of the boat is that it is like a constant roller coaster. Not only forward and backwards, but side to side motion as well, all the time. It is safe to say that "the honeymoon period" is over! 

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