Thursday, 4 July 2013

Day 5 - July 4

We have been sharing time at the helm, especially at night, with usually 2 people there at a time. We need to have two people there because of the autopilot not working. But everyone is having a hard time getting much rest with the drive shaft rattling all night long.

None of the electrical equipment if working still, but we are working on it!
Rick had all of his tools out in a canvas bucket yesterday working on fixing some things and we hit a large swell. Before we knew it, the whole thing got dumped out and is now gone overboard.

We do have the Genset hooked up to the main batteries to get it all charged up, so as long as the Genset continues to work, we will be set.

Brian and Steve are still not feeling well, but hopefully they are coming out of it. Steve said he didn't eat anything yesterday and just started up with a few little things today. "Nothing like getting sea sick to help you lose some weight" - Steve. Brian has been cooking, but he wasn't up for talking about it on the phone. I think the thought of food is still making him sick.

There have been many dolphins swimming beside them and racing against the hull. This got everyone all excited to see! There have also been some whale sightings (no other details there).

Garrett has caught a couple of large fish, probably 80 lbs or so, but the lines have broken each time, so we are yet to get them up on deck!

We are sailing in dark blue waters with the sails up going on average about 7 knots. We haven't seen another boat or ship since we started the journey! It is sunny but there are lots of clouds all around us. The winds are averaging about 12-15 knots and we have been under sail not using the motor. In the last 24 hours we have gone about 152 nautical miles and continuing at this pace we will be ahead of schedule. There are so many variables though effecting our arrival date. We are about 135 miles off of the Oregon coast. In about 300 miles we will be changing course, and 500 miles after that we will change again. We are about 2000 miles from Hawaii at this point.          

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