Sunday, 21 July 2013

#3 Day 20 July 19

As we rounded the breakwater we found the water go calm and flat for the first time in 20 days. Everyone took position to enjoy the arrival and cruise through the harbor. There were kayaks and other vessels floating in the bay and the sun was shining and warming the air. The wind seemed to have slowed and was no longer a factor.

I was again on the phone with Lynne and with the harbor master and the officer for customs and border patrol. I was delighted that they were ready for us and that we had come in early at 11:00 am and had arrived ahead of the scheduled tanker to off load its propane cargo.

We pulled into the secured area called Radio Bay and were directed into a stern anchor next to two 50 foot sail boats from Britain. We struggled a bit with the stern docking since the Fury is a ¾ length keel and makes it very challenging to spin on the keel (impossible). In the end we docked on the port side with the fenders and secured in a temporary position to allow clearance with customs and we would address the changing of the position until later in the day. The security officers pointed out that we would be wise to avoid this position due to the rats and the cockroaches in the area.

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